How To Build an App Like Uber Complete Guide

For starters, consider your initial intentions on whether you want to build a taxi app similar to Uber or use its business model and develop an on-demand project. One option could be to develop a taxi-hailing app for local taxi drivers. For that, you would likely need to partner with taxi services or individual drivers. Large, multiethnic cities with dense traffic and little parking space discourage residents from owning vehicles in favor of ridesharing services like Uber. The ridesharing industry has grown significantly over the past few years.

how to create an app like uber

Plan a marketing strategy to promote your app and attract users. Conduct comprehensive testing to identify and resolve bugs, errors, and performance issues. Gather feedback and make necessary improvements based on user testing results.

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We have robust & scalable base product ready and can customize it as per your business, in the require timeframe. We serve with all you need to outshine your competition, right from technology to funding & marketing plans. Technology stack to build Uber app includes Python, Node.js, Java, etc.

  • This way, drivers can effectively combine work with their personal affairs.
  • Knowing people are doing this, Uber gathers a wide range of location data, speed, and altitude amongst other telemetry.
  • As for the app’s backend, you can use several languages, including Python, Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, etc.
  • They came up with a great solution and boosted our brand visibility with the remarkable user experience.

Drivers can pick the preferred location and find passengers who need a ride in that direction. This way, drivers can effectively combine work with their personal affairs. It’s time to talk about how to build an app like Uber Driver for partners. It’s also a very build an app like uber important part of building business the Uber way. In this section, I’ll include only those features that can be helpful for drivers and effective for business at the same time. Depending on the objectives, your revenue model can differ from the Uber’s one.

Earnings and Payment Management

In order to develop a simpler version of an Uber-like app, a software development team would need approximately 5-7 months. Uber runs by an application that connects the rider with the driver by requesting a ride. Uber does not own the vehicles; they play the role of a link between the driver and the passengers.

how to create an app like uber

Carry out extensive market research and create a business model based on market demand. Creating an app like Uber can be a daunting task, but it is possible to save money by outsourcing development work to a vendor from a favorable region. For example, if you choose to work with a company from Poland, such as RST Software, you can expect to pay an average rate of $60 per hour. This may seem high, but it is important to consider the quality of work that you will receive for this price. Polish developers are known for their technical expertise and attention to detail, which can lead to a superior end product.

How To Build An App Like Uber

The best technical way to proceed with Uber-like software is to develop it natively. In addition, you can include the factor of the Uber car model, which influences the final service fare. The Uber app includes 5 sub-steps which are important to clarify from the customer perspective. Uber uses a powerful functional database system; they use a NoSQL database built on a MySQL database. The database is required to scale data horizontally the system should be able to read because of the constant notification of GPS location.

For the payment integration, you have to comply with certain rules and regulations of the country for handling the data securely. It’s a crucial functionality that is to be implemented in an app like Uber. By using SMS warning, the user can be informed if the message is successfully delivered or not. A driver can earn more by completing the pre-defined number of trips. The process of verification for a driver should be completed from the administrator side  (license, vehicle insurance, etc.).

Driver App

To understand how to build an app like Uber, you first have to appreciate the operations of Uber. You first have to understand the uberisation of the on-demand taxi industry before you plan out a similar and effective solution. Building a Uber-like app takes time and investment for continuous improvement in your services. Because making a product that can globally create impact is not that easy. So, developing an app, which becomes a brand like the Uber app will empower you once you start planning for the long term.

To create an app like Uber, you need to integrate the push notifications feature. Push notification helps in building communication between the passenger and the driver. Push notification sends the driver notification upon a ride request. Uber allows communicating without leaving the application to maintain hassle-free communication.


If you already have a business, then it will be easy for you, but if you are starting from scratch, then you have to run some extra miles. Another important technology that is used in the development of apps. This feature helps users set a pickup location at which the driver can reach easily. This feature is required for booking a taxi by putting in the destination and the pickup location with the choice of car.

The better routes are optimized, the more efficient your drivers will be. Correspondingly, the level of customer satisfaction tends to rise. And, indeed, Uber-like app development seems to be a reasonable move not only for entrepreneurs but transport companies as well. The market of rideshare app development has never been so full as in recent years.

Functionality Insights Of Your App Like Uber (User’s Perspective)

An attractive UI/UX design is the backbone of making an application. To have an outstanding application, invest your time in making a user-friendly interface with interactive visuals. In your car-hailing app make sure you have smooth taxi booking features that run at a swift speed.

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